About Procon Europe

Company Profile

Procon Europe B.V. specializes in the procurement and supply of a wide range of quality products and services for the oil, gas, petrochemical, water / wastewater and power generation industries.

Our Vision

To create value for our customers in the oil and gas industry.

Our Values

Procon Europe’s employees share a set of core values: honesty, integrity, trust, professionalism, teamwork and respect for people.
Our values define the professional and personal standards that can be expected from Procon Europe B.V.
They direct our business strategy and are the pillars of our company culture.

Our Clients

Our major clients:
Sazeh Consultants
Consortium of Sazeh / Sinopec Engineering / ODCC

Policy Statement

Procon Europe B.V. is committed to understand customer needs, their appropriate policies, and to provide procurement and associated services that conform to contractual requirements, comply with applicable standards and regulations, to total customer satisfaction.
To achieve our objective of total customer satisfaction, we will develop interactive working relationships to ensure our focus on changing needs and expectations of our customers. Furthermore, Procon Europe B.V. is committed to operate and maintain an effective Quality Management System, based on NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008, and portions of ISO/TS 29001:2007.
The Management of Procon Europe B.V. performs periodic reviews of the Quality Management System for its effectiveness, suitability and continual improvement.

ISO Certified

Procon Europe is an ISO 9001 certified company.

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